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21 January 2012 @ 11:26 pm
I did it! I sewed a small bag!  

It's the first time ever I sewed something with a sewing machine. After years of dreaming about sewing I can't believe it finally really happened. *giggle*

So under the cut are the photos of my first "sew something" - project!

1. Cuttung out the pattern

2. the lining fabric

3. The fabric itself - all black in black...

4. All cut-outs done - ready to begin!

5.Ironing the lining fabric to the outer fabric - not as easy as it seems!

6. The first stitching - just next to the zip...

7. Just along the line...

8. And this thing wants to become a bag?

9. I really made it, I finally managed to tone the bag. But I didn't liked the way the end of the zip hung there...

10. Finally it's done! The zip is where it belongs and I'm a bit proud. I mean, it's black and aslope and looks a bit meaningless, cause its all black, BUT I sewed a bag! *yeah*

No idea why photobucket always uploaded this photo that way.... Normally it's rotated 90 percent anti-clockwise...
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